Signal processing
in non cooperative environment

Novagrid develops software products for signal analysis in non cooperative environments. The targeted applications are communications satellites payload monitoring, spectrum surveillance, analysis and identification of radio signals HyperMon.

As it is also interesting to estimate the position of the received signals, Hyperloc is the companion software dedicated to this task, with a particular emphasis on geolocation of satellite carriers. HyperTask allows automatic complex tasks like monitoring of a transponder with automatic geolocation of unknown carriers (interferrers).

HyperMon, HyperLoc and HyperTask are modules of the software suite HyperSuite which also includes : HyperStream, HyperSpectrum and HyperCSM.

HyperMon HyperLoc HyperCSM

Last news

How to do accurate geolocation using only public orbits (NORAD)

Published 2016-08-30

It is well known that accurate satellite carriers geolocation needs accurate orbits. Usually, geolocation system users ask to the satellites operator to provide these good quality orbits.

In some cases, these orbits are not available. What can the user do in this case ?

NovaGrid has developed a method called "co-orbit estimation" which estimates a coupled orbit of the couple of satellites using known location carriers (secondary references). This co-orbit allows to make accurate geolocations. This accuracy is quite the same than the accuracy we could obtain using operator orbits.

The following video shows two HyperTask missions:

  • The first one is the co-orbit mission. This mission estimates the satellites co-orbits using one main reference carrier and two secondary reference carriers. This co-orbit is available through RPC requests.
  • The second mission is a massive and automated geolocation mission. The orbits used are those provided by the first mission.